About Python

Python is a high level and general-purpose language that is interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language. Being an open source language, Python is extremely flexible, powerful, easy to learn, easy to use, and has extensive libraries for data manipulation, analysis and other aspects. 

Python has sev

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Who should learn python


  • College students from BCA, DCA, BSc, B.E, B.Tech, and Intermediates. 
  • Professionals who are in maintenance, support and non technical roles can move into software development roles easilyl.
  • Existing programmers who need to automate several things like test cases and other routine activities.

Why should you join this course


  • Exploit the automation capabilities
  • Get an edge over your peers with better productivity and efficiency
  • Remain in the state of art technology
  • Massive migration from other languages to Python
  • More Jobs
  • Speed of execution

Our instructors


  • Experianced Staff
  • Realtime Experiance in MNC IT companies
  • 15+ years experiance
  • Good Notes to remember classes
  • Special Sunday classes 
  • Industry orientation
  • Good flair for teaching
  • Experiance of teaching above average and below average students easily. 



  • Prior programming such as C will help, but is not mandatory
  • We will start from the basics right from programming basics to OOPS to other high level features.
  • Simply Walk in

What is covered?


  • This course covers Python in terms of syntax, features, case studies, assessments, etc. 
  • Continuation from Python such as Machine Language interfacing or Django is not part of this course.
  •  In case, if you are a working professional and need additional topics to be covered, feel free to write to us at